How to Unzip Your Presets

How to Unzip Lightroom Presets on Mobile Devices

You will need to unzip your Lightroom preset files before you install them in Lightroom Mobile.  Unfortunately, unzipping a .zip file on a mobile device can sometimes be challenging and a bit confusing. 

How to Unzip Presets on iOS Devices (iPhone & iPad)

Unzipping files in iOS is seamless. 

STEP 1 - Just open your Files app. 

STEP 2 - Go to Locations and navigate to where you downloaded & saved your Presets Company download.   If you aren't sure where it went when you downloaded, try looking in your Downloads folder (see image below).


STEP 3 - Tap on the zipped file and it will unzip.  You can also long-press on the zipped file and some options will open.  Choose "Uncompress" to unzip your file!

How to Unzip Presets on Android Devices

You will need an app Android devices to unzip the files.

If you don’t already have one we recommend using WinZip it has been around for a long time and has good ratings. Just download it from the Google Play store.

Files by Google is another great multi-use app that has the capability to unzip files. 

To unzip using Files by Google, follow the steps below:

  1.  On your Android device, open Files by Google.
  2.  On the bottom, tap Browse.
  3.  Navigate to the folder that contains the .zip file you want to unzip.
  4.  Select the .zip file.
  5.  A pop up appears showing the content of that file.
  6.  Tap "Extract".
  7.  You will be shown a preview of the extracted files.  If you want to delete the .zip file after extraction, click on the “Delete ZIP file” checkbox.
  8.  Tap "Done".
  9.  The extracted files will be saved in the same folder as the original .zip file.